"Classic HEI"
Performance Curved and Total Timing Limited Distributors

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Most all of us Mopar owners know that our engines run and perform better with
a modified intital advance and a more performance oriented advance curve.

Our OEM style recurved distributors come with the Mr. Gasket 925B performance
advance spring kit and FBO total timing limit plate already installed for easy
drop-in installation and instant performance upgrades.

These distributors come pre set for a performance initial advance and an
"All in" mechanical advance of approximate 32 degrees at 2,500 RPM's.

Now you can drop in an OEM style distributor, set your intial timing at 12-14 degrees
and be right in the neighborhood of a 32-34 degree total (all in) timing.

Of course they are adjustable in all aspects of ignition timing (Initial, Mechanical
as well as adjustable Vacuum advance modules) because every engine combination
is a bit different and requires it's own specific set of advance value's.
They can even be locked out with ZERO advance for computer controlled fuel injection
systems with no additional parts required.

At classichei we feel that ignition system upgrades for the OEM electronic distributors has
been all but ignored for WAY too long, so we did all the work for you, with all of the
best upgrades available for these factory style distributors.


These distributors are compatible with any ignition system that your original distributor is, including our HEI kits.
Our distributors do not come with caps or rotors, but do use your standard cap and rotor.